Lost & Shredded, art & life

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img036 785x552 Lost & Shredded, art & life

Winged Human Headed Sphinx collection Museum Baghdad status unkknown 21×30 cm charcoal & ink on paper, by Alle Jong December 2013

For a long time now i am amazed about the fragility of art, how it’s meaning can be changed and how easy art is being destroyed or lost by war, nature, ideology, society or crime. Next to this our lives itself are fragile, not only physical, but also mental in our way of reading the visual world around us, are we well enough informed about how we could read our surroundings? For me good art shares our purest an honest emotions & conditions, pain, love, our desires and the eternal chaos of not knowing our destiny.  We already think of art as eternal objects, we see these objects we call art  as artefacts that can stand the end of times itself, but we forget sometimes those artworks are human made. Sad enough art is not eternal but fragile, just as us. It is the mystery of art and the tremendous  feeling of time between us and the times someone made Roman pottery or a Minoan Fresco that makes us curious about those lost worlds. Sad enough our most precious classical Antiquity from all over the world is being looted & shredded at a scale never seen before. We can speak of an industry of organized looting at archeological sites, sometimes specific artworks or lootings at archeological sites are being commisioned by high ranked people who have the money for these projects.

I think it is shameless how we in these modern times we let our world heritage being destroyed, by looting artefacts the context and knowledge af an ancient statue or artwork is gone. When America invaded Iraq the National Museum of baghdad was not a priority. Ordinary and organized crime went into the museum on 8 & 12 april 2003 stealing and destroying thousands of artworks that survived unbroken until that moment for over thousands of years. The Museum of Baghdad holds some of the oldest human created objects in the world. These objects give us information about our earliest modern civilizations. In recent years we saw lootings in Egypt, Syria and again now Baghdad is being threaten again because of an unstable political situation. Next to this the contemporary art environment has become more a game that has lost the connection to the world. Robert Hughes, art critic said about the modern art world:  ”Art has become a cruddy game of the ignorant & rich, it has become a bad but usefull business” . Institutions as Museums, Art Academy’s and Art Gallery’s play  a role within an industry we can call the ”art world & market”, provit seems to be a leading factor for most art organizations. Most of the art you find in the established art world does not connect to the honest world of feeling anymore, art has become a product and no pure expression anymore of human desire to visualize our individual or thoughtfull lives full of meaning and value.  Marketing and PR have become the main factors of wich artists will be reconized as ”important”, not all of them for god sake but at least a large majority at the top. And it is these artists that new generations will learn about when a school class is visiting a Museum.  For me good art is not those  objects made by ”big names”. For me every human made object that mirrors honestly the experiences of someones life can be seen as valuable & meaningfull.  Art is born because of our human desire to express ourselves in the world we live in. These objects we call art should learn us about other times in wich another mindset culture and experience of life was present. I think artists and art institutions have to take responsibility for protecting the basic principles how to handle man made objects. Serious art institutions have to make one search for meaning in honest created objects, and those created objects can be found everywere. Tolstoj said that there is even art in an ordinary Folk tale that survived for over hundreds of years. The reality is that most modern art is not made anymore because we need to as we did 20.000 years ago. In those days we created art because of our need to express our human mental & physical condition. We are unaware that today”s art is born within an industry of wich we think these provides us answers what is ”good art”. Good art is conscious and aware of the world it is born in, this artist will untie itself from present cultural ideas and images and react honestly without being false influenced by the world around him in his artworks.

We have forgotten & abbandoned the art of our forefathers, we betrayed the surviving artworks of our past, we lost a lot of consciousness and knowledge about what is real art, people think nowadays art is for the rich! No, art is always present in everyone’s lifes and ”everyone” will encounter the ”best” art again and again, for example there is art in the movements of a loved one who shares a personal story. In visual objects ”art” we try to mould these memories for our memory, we want to freeze our thoughts, believes and experiences in physical objects. The funny thing is we don’t need to create art, everything that once occured is the reason to create art. Every event that once was a present reality is therefore forever frozen as a moment in time, a moment of existence stored somewere in the eternal past. We should start connect more with the world around us, sharing our lives and make less art, only after we understand again we will start creating honest objects again. The death of the present is a connection, a line into what once ”was”, we create art because of this continuous death in wich we want to freeze our beloved memories for eternity.


1. Roman Statue destroyed at Museum Baghdad – 24 11 2013 Alle Jong 21x30cm charcoal ink on paper 561x800 Lost & Shredded, art & life

Roman Statue destroyed at Museum Baghdad – 24-11-2013 Alle Jong 21x30cm charcoal & ink on paper

Facing the dark 45x70cm inkcharcoal on paper 2012 1200x780 Lost & Shredded, art & life

Facing the dark 45x70cm ink&charcoal on paper 2013

Hetty de Lange Sobibor ink charcoal on paper 9x13cm 2013 Alle Jong 540x800 Lost & Shredded, art & life

Hetty de Lange – A portrait of a Jewish victem killed at Sobibor ny the Nazi’s ink & charcoal on paper 9x13cm 2013 Alle Jong

Ten ruste gestild 200x150cm acryl op linnen 2012 by Alle Jong 1086x800 785x578 Lost & Shredded, art & life

Ten ruste gestild 200x150cm acryl op linnen 2012 by Alle Jong