Rosette van Beugen & family

by admin

A set of photographs of the Jewish family of Van Beugen who was murdered during the second world war by the nazi’s. I made a monumental portrait of Rosette van beugen of which you can read more here: Rosette van beugen , a nine year young girl who was murdered by the Nazi’s with her entire family.

The photographs show the house where the family lived and pictures of the family members.

Louis van beugen born in Veendam, 9 November 1901, he was the father of Rosette, Hartog, Leo Jona, and Andre van beugen. The mother and wife of Louis was Grietje Beugen-Frank, born in Sittard on december 16 1904. Rosette van Beugen, who is the girl on the photograph with the closed arms and huge stitch in the hair was born December 15 1933. Her older brother Hartog was born april 13 1931. Leo Jona was born on october 27 1936. Last, Andre was born september 27 1939. The whole family was murdered in Sobibor on july 9 1943.