Reaction on the threat of destruction of Palmyra by islamitic state

by admin

I made an videogame in which I react on the threat of destruction of the city of Palmyra by islamitic state. I have recreated parts of Palmyra within an videogame environment which is fully destructible. I thought; what does destruction of cultural heritage mean? Is there meaning in destruction? I wanted to destroy parts of Palmyra first before islamitic state, and i did, one day before ”is” destroyed two tombs near Palmyra i already destroyed parts of Palmyra in simulation, over and over again. I would like to create attention on the question what it means to destroy cultural heritage that belongs to all of us. I want to make an statement that ”islamitic state” their propaganda does not affect me! Let’s play and destroy the shock of cultural destruction caused by islamitic state. See the trailer for my artistic approach of the subject here: