Dried Flowers

by admin

DSC 0768 785x589 Dried Flowers

By coincidence i started collecting old books with dried flowers in them – One postincunable from 1561, or flowers in a book from 1660 about the history of Frisia, even a catalogue by herman de Vries with a dried flower in the cover. This is ”the” historical Sensation! – Nature bound together with human knowledge – hiding in mankinds memory of a lost generation. Conservation of worlds, fragile.

I did make a drawing about dried flower by mind mining about the idea. I created an VR experience in which the collections of dried flowers are reborn, multiplying around you! And at the end there is the pure Historical Sensation, the real historical books themselves who gave birth to one present mind..

Drawing below¬†360×150 cm, charcoal on paper, 2016

foto1 Dried Flowers



360x150cm charcoal on paper, 2016, Flower Island.

DSC 0766 785x589 Dried FlowersAbove detail of drawing, below selection old books in which i found flowers.


DSC 0771 785x589 Dried Flowers