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20190319 204749 1600x1200 .

Above; Detail of drawing below, Harlingen Coastline 2019. Ink &charcoal on paper 152×67 cm

20190318 103616 1600x685 .

The full drawing  Harlingen Coastline.

20190227 162409 1280x740 .

“The Monk” 101×58 cm, ink, charcoal & aquarel on paper 2019

20190227 162620 768x993 .

Detail “The Monk”

20190301 092000 1280x750 .

Landscape, 53x32cm charcoal on paper.  (An larger version of this work 150×100 cm is in an private collection)

Allejongtekening . ”De Brief” (The Letter), Ink, charcoal and aquarel on paper, 58×100 cm, 2019 by Alle Jong

Allejongtekening2 .Detail of ”De Brief” (The Letter)


20190307 154004 1024x1774 600x1039 .

Anna Dirks-Veth 260x160cm – authentic painting by Jan Veth of his wife Anna (ca. 1880-1900), who was an good friend of Jo Bonger, wife of Theo Van Gogh. Anna insisted Johanna Bonger moved to Bussum after Van Gogh died. From there Johanna could start promoting the hundreds of works by Van Gogh. This artwork is an illustration of the Historical Sensation, first talked about by Johan Huizinga, also an personal friend of Anna and Jan Veth. Huizinga explained the sensation of an historical artefact, how this can create an direct link and experience trough time into the past. Im this artwork the painting by Veth is integrated within an large contemporary charcoal drawing Cartouche.

photo 2019 02 16 11 36 04 .Landscape, 64x48cm ink, charcoal & aquarel on authentic 17th century paper, 2019 by Alle Jong

20190228 074211 1280x409 .

“Sitting against fading darkness” 58×18.5 cm charcoal on paper 2019

20190312 100202 1280x687 .

“No title” 152x84cm charcoal & pencil on paper 2019

20190319 141551 1600x929 .

Harlingen Coastline, Waves. 58×100 cm ink & charcoal on paper 2019.

IMG 0297 566x800 .

From the story ”We visited Her in the evening, during Dinner She told Us her plan” 2018

Man en vrouw 640x800 .

The Man and Woman, dryneedle on paper. 21.3×15 cm 2018

alle jong art noord .

Installation at Art Noord, Museum Belvedere Heerenveen, presented by Fred Wagemans 2017

20190301 120049 .

Installation with 18th century Jewel for an Woman I lost at an Museum. An monument for an short moment in this life. 2018

20190301 120115 .

The Jewel that is waiting for an woman lost at the Museum. This Jewel Waiting for an whole life in rememberance towards this small but powerfull moment in life.

allejong1 .

Charcoal on paper in Frame, 73.5x64cm incl. frame 09-05-2017

alle222 .

Sitting against the Darkness by Alle Jong 470x130cm charcoal & ink on paper 2017

alle11 .

Detail from artwork Sitting against the darkness by Alle Jong

20190301 105425 1280x494 .

Landscape, 45.5x18cm charcoal on paper.


20190301 115816 1200x1866 .

Installation 17th century prints mixed with contemporary drawings by Jong and vlack gate towards history. Beurs van Berlage.

wagemans .Exhibition at Kunstruimte Wagemans, Beetsterzwaag feb 2017 with Alle Jong

18699743 1455454877845898 8110106554762366337 o .Drawing 2017

pppp .

100×39 cm charcoal & ink on paper 2017

Alle Jong .

100×58 cm Ink & Charcoal on paper 2017 by Alle

15774925 1295581687166552 6469365145484291377 o .Installation of work by Dirk Arnoldus Tavenraat ( 1845 Berchem, Antwerpen – 1930 Den Haag) drawings which I discovered and rescued, together with the drawing i made during this adventure meeting Tavenraat. Picture taken during the This Art Fair at the Beurs van berlage in Amsterdam 2016, with Alle Jong.



Alle jong Tavenraat .

Installation of work by Dirk Arnoldus Tavenraat ( 1845 Berchem, Antwerpen – 1930 Den Haag) with my drawing during the This Art Fair at the Beurs van berlage in Amsterdam 2016

tt1 .

340×150 charcoal & ink on paper 2016, with authentic slave-trade from the 19th century

18403323 1446345348756851 6207478031736937034 n .

Stone-like light landscape 54x60cm incl. frame

26173403 1692025394188844 4440030615584239420 o .Detail Painting by David Van der Kellen, co-founder and first director of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. This painting was saved by me and was part of an installation at an exhibition in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam in december 2017.

alle jong2 .

Lykbussen, Eertekens, Gedachteheuvels (Hills of thoughts), Terpen. Ca. 100x49cm charcoal & ink 2017 by Alle Jong

Alle Jong tekening1 .

375×150 cm 2016

16402875 1327538553970865 175726726126226659 o .


16700701 1335874143137306 2472743441711718082 o .Art Rotterdam, installation with drawing including original slave trade document, with handwritten signatures. With in front an 17th century archive that has never left the press, some packages with ropes around them.


16487685 1335875113137209 4663501138226761074 o .

Detail of the archive, with handwritten documents also.

DSC 0064 .

Exhibition view of the Curated show by Alle Jong ”The Fugue Of play”, with videogame artworks by Alle Jong, Bill Viola, Jason Rohrer, Jeremy Couillard, Sander bos, Pippin Barr, Dan Pinchbeck and others. Held at the Minerva Gallery Nov-Dec 2016, See Curatorial in the menu for more information about this project.

tekening alle jong b .

330×150 cm charcoal & ink on paper 2016 by Alle Jong drawing.

Alle jong Boudewijn Buch 1 .

Thought Chamber with Boudewijn Büch, Installation ca. 300x150cm Alle Jong 2016, integrated are authentic handwritten and original artefacts from boudewijn Büch.

hhh .Drawing by Alle Jong 100×70 cm charcoal & ink on paper 2017

hgvhjvj .The drawing is 370x116cm made with charcoal on paper 2015 by Alle Jong

tekk44 .237×150 cm charcoal, ink & antique prints on paper 2016

1 tekening .

344cm charcoal, ink & antique prints on paper 2016

drawing Alle Jong 2016 .

Detail, 340x150cm charcoal on paper 2016, by Alle Jong


BorderDarkness Alle Jong drawing 2015 .

305x35cm, charcoal on paper 2015


Border of darkness Alle Jong artist drawing .


alle jong1 .

Ca 100×49 cm, gedachteheuvel (Hill of thoughts) or Ancient Stones.

tavenraat 2 .

285x150cm charcoal & ink on paper 2016

fff .

Installation view, hundreds of real drawings by Tavenraat.

drawing AlleJong .

360?x150cm charcoal on paper 2015 by Alle Jong drawing

Alledrawing2 .


Untitled 1 .     ….     –   340×150 cm, charcoal on paper 2016 by Alle Jong

fft3 .

100x59cm Charcoal & ink on paper 2017 by Alle Jong

foto1 .

360×150 cm, charcoal on paper, 2016

all .

Alle Jong Meeting Goethe, Buch & Huizinga 350x150cm charcoal on paper 2016 al2l .


Drawing by Alle Jong 380x96cm charcoal on paper 2015 .

380 x 96 cm charcoal on paper by Alle Jong nov 2015

By Alle Jong 38x96cm charcoal on paper November 2015 bb .


Houbraken island 290x137cm charcoal on paper feb 2016 .

290x137cm charcoal on paper feb 2016

Alletek1 .

Alle Jong with WIlliam Shenstone & the Destruction of Palmyra 310x150cm charcoal on paper 2016

tek2 .


bubbles4 .

315x150cm charcoal on paper 2016

bubbles3 .


Wrens Nest 2016 Alle Jong 140x330cm .

The Wren’s Nest” 140x330cm charcoal on paper 2016

04 .

380x150cm charcoal on paper august 2015 by Alle Jong

loon1 .

420x150cm charcoal on paper ”Last letter received from Fred” 2015

loon4 .



02allejong .

365?x127cm charcoal on paper 2015 by Alle Jong Drawing


01allejong .


tek5 .

420x150cm charcoal on paper ”Last letter received from Fred” 2015

tek7 .




Alle1 .

Watervloed 287×150 cm Charcoal, ink & authentic historical documents on paper 2016